The Simpsons Game – EA Games – 2007

A dream fulfilled.

My longtime goal was to work on a video game based on The Simpsons. It began during college, when I studied graphic design and wrote video game guides on the side, including guides for the many Simpsons games released since the show began in 1989. I was already a fan of the show, but this led to an appreciation for the license and the potential that a great Simpsons game could have.

When I started at Vivendi, I felt certain that I’d get an opportunity to work on a Simpsons game there. Their most successful title during that period was The Simpsons Hit & Run, a title which my manager described as, “the game that sold so well it allowed us all to keep our jobs.” How could the company pass up an opportunity to capitalize on that success with a sequel?

Well, nothing is ever certain, as EA Games revealed in 2006. With marketing losing its luster and an  upcoming need for testers to work on that Simpsons game at EA, I decided it was time to leave Los Angeles and move north to the Bay Area. Thanks to friends of friends, my résumé made it to the top of the pile and I received the call to join the team. I even had to explain that I was there to specifically work on their Simpsons project. (Thank goodness for understanding managers.)

The project itself was a whirlwind of quickly stepping into a senior tester role to organize testing for the Sony PSP port of the game, meeting lots of new friends, and finally an invitation to fly down for the release party in Hollywood!