QA Lead – Double Fine – 2013-2017

Keep on dreamin’!

I’d been a fan of Double Fine’s games since I first played Psychonauts in 2005. While at Vivendi, we had the opportunity to do some marketing for Brütal Legend, a game the company was set to release until they closed down and EA took on publishing duties. That meant I had the chance to see the game again while it was in test at EA, and it was the heavy metal RTS I never knew I wanted. I didn’t get the chance to contribute to the game at either juncture, but I sure started to feel like I wanted to work on anything Double Fine could create!

While I missed my first chance when I interviewed in 2007, I applied again and got hired as a tester in 2013. This gave me the chance to work on nearly every game the company ever made as they re-released games on PC, and by 2014 I was hired as a full-time QA Lead. There was a brief stint where I worked in production or wasn’t at the company, but I got the chance to resume my QA Lead role and work on recent projects such as Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin and Headlander, both games I’m incredibly proud of. The company’s slate of games continues to showcase the unique qualities that made me fall in love with the company over a decade ago.