I’ve been nostalgic for this old clunky technology lately. Not so much because it was better or for the experience of sitting in front of a big CRT monitor, but because there’s no going back to this “simpler” time. That sense of innocence about what it would mean to use a computer. They were just a boring box that gave access to games and typing programs, maybe chat rooms and fan webpages if a free AOL disk came in the mail. Computers are ubiquitous and I’m coming to terms with the reality that I am a Computer Person (as I have been for nearly twenty years) with a Computer Job and that maybe I’ll never be the sturdy outdoorsman I fantasized about being as a teenager and younger man. I can still pursue those things, but not without the aid of sleek handheld computers and omnipresent Internet connections.

Folks, time is indeed moving forward at an alarming speed.